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What is your usual reaction when you see/read something on the internet that upsets you? Comment with story! ^.^ 

32 deviants said I get really upset but don't comment and instead think of it for hours and imagine what I might have answered.
10 deviants said If it's about a topic that I am very passionate about I don't hesitate to leave a comment with my (upset) opinion.
8 deviants said I am cool enough to ignore and move on. Haters gonna hate!
8 deviants said I lose all faith in humanity and go berzerk, people are so dumb sometimes!
4 deviants said I immediately tell a friend and we discuss the topic.
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Box of love

~~ Thank you so much! ~~

I am so happy to have met people like you here on deviantArt. You always brighten up my day!

~~ Thank you so much! ~~

"The internet gave me something that reality couldn't...
A best friend"

Online benefits by Finchwing
Finchy, I love you :'D you are the best bro ever!

"My first inspiration here on DA, over two years ago. Her animating style is amazingly smooth and detailed, and she brings much-needed respect to traditional art. She is always friendly and responds to all comments with enthusiasm."

"Norey, when I first chanced upon you in WCC, I was impressed by your ability to easily manage such a large group effectively. I then went to your gallery, and the artwork and animation there blew me away! You really are a fantastic artist, and your pictures never cease to amaze and inspire me. Thank you! :heart:"

"8D Good point! But still, my goal is to be as good as you someday. You're my idol!"

Baw this makes me so happy!! :iconsquealplz:

Gift - At the Border by FinchwingCurious gift by SatyrtailHappy (early) Birthday Norey! by kuiwiGood Morning Sunshine by by ChewyOrphanGleamfire by Lady-Sarah14

I :heart: gift art!

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1) I am actually busy but if you really want something, just ask :)

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Artist | Student | Digital Art

~ Best buddies forever ~

:spotlight-left: :spotlight-right:

Hi, my name is Katherina and I am 20 years old.

I am on deviantArt, because I'm absolutely and irretrievably addicted to drawing and painting. I have found a lot of inspiring artwork and fantastic people here on dA and I love sharing my art on here. :dummy:

Books, shows, games and movies I love:
:bulletred: Warriors :bulletred:
:bulletorange: Harry Potter :bulletorange:
:bulletyellow: Avatar The Last Airbender :bulletyellow:
:bulletgreen: The Spyro games :bulletgreen:
:bulletblue: Okami :bulletblue:
:bulletpurple: All Disney movies (especially TLK, Wall-E and Up) :bulletpurple:
:bulletpink: All Dreamworks movies (especially HttyD) :bulletpink:
:bulletblack: Her Majesty's Dragon :bulletblack:
:bulletwhite: The Hunger Games :bulletwhite:

Even though the main thing I draw/animate is cats, cats and..cats, I am open for suggestions to draw other things. I need to practice everything, dammit.

So if you have a brilliant and inspiring idea of what I could draw, comment with it and I may do so!


Interested in ordering a commission from me? Drop me a comment or send a note!

Rough pricing here:…


I am currently studying Animation & Game Design at a Digital Media university in Germany. There we do a lot of 2D animation, storyboarding, designing but also programming and 3D animation.

One day I wish to work at a big company and help producing these dreamlike animated movies that never ceased to amaze me.


Don't hesitate to contact me!! I can look and comment on your art and I answer EVERY question, appreciate EVERY critique and thank to ALL OF YOU!

Love Ya All!!!


My group


Hi everyone, sorry for putting this rather dark journal into your inboxes but I really need to get this out somehow. Also, talking about it kind of helps.

so as some of you may already know, I was diagnosed with an angioma in my brain a couple of weeks ago. It is no tumor and actually not dangerous since it has not caused any symptoms like pains or epilepsy attacks yet. But "yet" is the keyword here. I really dont like to think that way bit it is kind of a ticking time bomb since it may eventually Cause brain bleeding or stroke one day.

that was extremely hard to take. I feel completely healthy but now I have to fear for my life almost. I am really scared.
now the doctors suggested to remove the angioma with surgery which means opening my skull and Taking it out. Of course that comes with endless risks sich as damaging healthy tissue which would render my right leg and maybe arm paralyzed. I have another appointment soon but already now I almost can't sleep, my whole day is influenced about thinking about this.

i try to turn it off but most times I can't. My boyfriend has been a great help but he left today (he lives in a different country sooo...)  Also talking to my friends helps but mostly I am horribly afraid. I even had mild panic attacks every now and then.

and all this considering that 2 months ago I had no idea that thing was in my brain and I had just simple every day problems just like everyone else.

I dont know what to do. Take the risk of surgery and live with the consequences ( I just really really dont want to have to quit university since I Love it a lot...) or continue living with the fear of spontaneous brain bleed...
  • Mood: Fear

My stamps <3

:heart:I support Noreydragon stamp by Finchwing:heart: Thank you so much!
Warriors Stamp by Goldencloudwarriors stamp by AnimeFace
Cats stamp by TollerkaNom Nom by Mr-StampStamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl
SpongeBob Stamp by badtraneImagination stamp by NamiYamiPatrick loves you by ARTic-Weather
:thumb92864668:Homer stamp by Strange-little-catHa Ha by Khamykc-Blackout
Okami Stamp Req. for Rita by Master-ZiggyAmaterasu and Shiranui -stamp by Clopina
Classic Spyro by SillyStellLegend of Spyro: DOTD Stamp by BloodMoonWerewolfStamp: Spyro's not dead by Riza-Izumi
Timon - Hula by Cathines-StampsThe Lion King 5 by princess-femi-stamps
Team Avatar by carenviniegraAvatar Stamp by ravekittenSokka Approved Stamp by HorseFantasy
Toothless Stamp by StarlaNorthstarThe Legendary Night Fury by azianwolfdoll
...OOH YOU... by azianwolfdollWeapon Of Choice by azianwolfdoll
Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseEragon Stamp by Latias-Flyer
Eeveelution stamp by greenmamba5Arcanine fan stamp by Elik-Chan

Special Stamp by Kezzi-Rosestamp by alwaslgirlSpread a little L O V E by JaM-FaiRY
Stamp- I heart Animation by FyuvixI Love Animation by fear-the-brillianceI Love Animation Stamp by fear-the-brilliance
Dancing Corgi by skinnyveestampSimons Cat _Fly PWNED_ Stamp by ImHisEternalAngelAll the Cool People by chesney
I Support Honest Critique by querulousArtisanDrop the Hate Stamp by mattdannaalways reply stamp by izka197
Critique Me Stamp by curious-noxI Like Getting Notes Stamp by Teeter-EchidnaI Support SUPPORT Stamp by bizarrostamps
Recycle Stamp by Kezzi-RoseCheese Quote Stamp by MissMonkeyMam
We Love Colours by ClefairyKidI care - Stamp by WolfHearts. PS: Love Your Giftart . by Diikae
Stamp by Kataang-furubai care about my friends by mintyyForever Drawing by Kiqo7
I Love LA Stamp by Drake1Checking Messages Stamp by Drake1
sims lives by dark-dragon-wingsI approve nonsense stamp by TehspoonGift Art Stamp by owlity


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